We want to celebrate the Smoke Free Generation.
95% of young Tasmanians already don’t smoke and we need YOUR help to make sure the future is smoke free. 

If you don’t smoke; be proud. If you do smoke; this is a safe space and we’re here to help you.
Why Should I Be Smoke Free?
Why Should I Be Smoke Free?
We’re sure you already know why you shouldn’t smoke – lung cancer and wrinkles, right?

Your face and body, your physical and mental health, your relationships and your bank account all suffer. The reality is, smoking impacts every aspect of your life, including risking your life itself.

If you want to learn more about what smoking does to you, we’ve gathered some websites, videos and fact sheets.

Knowledge is power when it comes to being smoke free.
If you’re already smoking, and thinking about quitting, you’re in the right place.

The Smoke Free Generation welcomes and includes everyone! If you’re wanting to quit and not sure where to start, take a look through these resources recommended by us.

Or, if you want to chat with someone, hit the orange button to the lower left of your screen.  (it’s anonymous).
Do you know a young person that needs some help becoming smoke free? We have collected some resources to help you help them, whether you’re a teacher, parent, friend or youth worker.

As an adult it can be difficult to get through to or relate to a younger person, so being armed with the correct information is important. 

We have fact sheets, training information and advice on supporting a young person in their quit journey. You can also contact us here.
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